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Published: March 25, 2017

new-links! Samurai Jack Season 5, Episode 3 s05e03 Full-Length. Alright, a good time to watch Samurai Jack season 5 episode 3 (s05e03). Officially titled as XCIV, and here's the plot line expected, After the Daughters of Aku’s fearsome battle with Jack in an abandoned temple, they pick up his trail and trace him down to a snowy forest, he then gives them a choice, to leave the forest unharmed, or stay, and die. As the Daughters refuse, Jack goes all out and pummels them one by one, gaining the upper hand.

Spoilers looks amazing of Samurai Jack (season 5), The fifth season of Samurai Jack is the final season of the animated series. The new season follows Jack on a journey that will complete his story.

It premiered on the Toonami programming block of Adult Swim on March 11, 2017. The announcement of the season came in December 2015, eleven years since the series was originally concluded on Cartoon Network. Genndy Tartakovsky, the series' creator, returns as executive producer for this season.

Pretty great show anyway, Phil LaMarr reprises his role as Jack. Jack is significantly different this season from prior appearances, in terms of both his physical appearance and personality. He now has a beard and a suit of armor, drives a motorcycle, and uses firearms and other weapons instead of the magic sword that he carried throughout the first four seasons. Tartakovsky has described Jack as having become lost and trying to find his way, while also adopting some of Aku's traits. (30:11)

Spoilers of Samurai Jack season 5 looks good, The new season has more mature elements and forms a cohesive story, which concludes Jack's journey. It takes place fifty years after the end of the original series' story,(6:05) although Jack himself has not aged, as a side effect of time travel.

(0:05) Every episode will have a "reveal" that further unravels the mystery of the series and takes it in a different direction.(4:01) The Scotsman, an occasional traveling companion of Jack's (originally voiced by John DiMaggio), will return to the series,(35:25) aged and sporting a grey beard and a cybernetic eye.

A group of septuplet girls are born into a cult of Aku's followers and subjected to rigorous training from a young age. Once they have grown up and completed the training, they are sent out as the "Daughters of Aku" to find and kill Jack. Aku has grown weary of pursuing Jack and is emotionally dealing with the possibility that Jack will fight him forever because Jack's stopped aging.

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Due to the passing of Mako Iwamatsu in 2006, Tartakovsky at first considered using a completely different voice for Aku. However, considering how Mako's voice was an important element of the character, voice actor Greg Baldwin was brought in to mimic the original voice as he had done with Iroh, another character voiced by Mako from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Take it then fans, watch Samurai Jack season 5 episode 3.

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