Disabled Orca Becomes Leader Of The Pod: SNAPPED IN THE WILD

Published March 23, 2017 807 Views

Rumble A DISABLED orca first spotted by a couple in 2013 returns to greet them four years later - and now he’s leading the pod. In 2013, photographer and marine tour guides Rainer and Silke Schimpf spotted a young killer whale, who they named Sira, with a missing dorsal fin and right-side pectoral fin, leaving him unable to hunt for himself. But rather than be left to fend for itself or - even worse - die the young calf appeared to be cared for by members of its pod, which shared food with the youngster. Four years later, by chance and coincidence, Rainer and Silke were out at sea in Algoa Bay, South Africa, documenting a pod of 1000 common dolphin hunting sardine when they had the surprise of a lifetime.

Videographer / director: Rainer Schimpf, Silke Schimpf
Producer: Crystal Chung, Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal