Deanna McLeod - Mar 30, 2023 - Toronto, ON

11 months ago

In the first of three expert witness testimonies at the NCI, Deanna McLeod discusses COVID-19 response measures with regard to children under 18 years old, and how the demographic and definition of “children” changed over the pandemic, also covering the processes by which the various health authorities in Canada were recommending vaccines and boosters for children. Did the medical data support the recommendations? Do they need them? Do they work? Are they safe? Many concerns were looked at; risk, natural immunity vs vaccine, hospitalization, testing, side effects, etc. The answer determined for the three questions above was NO for each.

Deanna compared the research conducted by Pfizer and Moderna to her own and concluded, “I would say for sure that Pfizer and Moderna, basically, presented the results in a manner in which it would further their financial gains.”

Testimony Code: 2303TOR110

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