The 5 Worst, Most USELESS Leading Ladies in Movies

ObsevOriginalsPublished: March 23, 2017Updated: March 29, 20172 views
Published: March 23, 2017Updated: March 29, 2017

We live in an age of ever increasing action hero equality. While almost every movie now seems to star some sort of badass babe, the really wasn’t always the case. Shocking I know. I’m Whitney Van Laningham, and I promise that I’m definitely a feminist. Cool, just wanted to make that clear because I want talk to you guys about a bunch of shitty women that I really hate. Kidding. Sort of. As a woman, I’m really stoked to see people bash Bella Swan and her sparkly undead boyfriend. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss the hell out of whiny, annoying, gold-digging female leads. Here’s a list of the weakest female leads you love to hate-watch.

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