9 Things You Should Clean Every Single Day

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Rumble We all know how important hygiene is, and how it plays a huge part of the quality of our lives. Keeping your personal hygiene up to date on a daily level must be considered serious as a heart attack while home hygiene is right under on the list. From taking a shower, to having a bath, to brushing our teeth, are the steps taking you closer to living longer, alongside a better quality of life. However, this video focuses more on the hygiene of your home.

Hygiene is a must, but cleaning can be such a bore. All that rubbing and scraping, sometimes even without a result. What is we could tell you a few secrets to keep your stuff and home free of dirt and stains, without the extra elbow grease?

Is your grill a disaster? Come the warmer months and you crack that thing open to reveal rust and grime gathered up after months of hibernation. Remove the grates and place them on a flat surface, then grab a potato, some salt and vegetable oil. Brush the oil of the grates, sprinkle some salt and the start rubbing them with the potato. The salt will provide plenty of abrasion without ruining the metal like a wire mesh would. Bathtub a mess? Get a scrub brush, preferably in a circular form, and strip it down to the base with the bristles.

Attach it to a drill chuck using a threaded rod or a long bolt and scrub away with the detergent you normally use. Far faster than just by hand. What about food stains or greasy build up on your oven’s grease filters? Now THAT is a pain to clean, but not it you pop them in the dishwasher. It is very obvious really, just like you would wash your caked up casserole dish. We wish we thought of this sooner.