Meth Addict Shares Photo Of Transformation After Becoming Sober, Looks Unrecognizable

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Rumble You might be unfamiliar with this bone-chilling fact, but every illegal drug that is tearing apart families these days was once brought to the public as a medicine prescribed by doctors. Depression, narcolepsy, obesity and ADHD are just a few of the disorders that could be cured with methamphetamine, or ‘meth’. That all happened almost 100 years ago, when doctors couldn’t know the addictive properties that drug could have on the human body.

One young woman, who shall remain anonymous, managed to clear her system of the devastation that meth brought on her body, even had a child. But when she was in her teens, she got exposed to the drug and was addicted by the time she turned 19.

“It was at the peak of my addiction”, she says about the first picture. Although a grainy resolution, you can clearly see the telltale signs of meth addiction: thin build due to excessive weight loss, skin sores on her face, dry cracked skin, and dark circles under the eyes. But what is going on beneath the surface can be even more destructive, because meth also affects the liver, kidneys and lungs, while rotting the teeth and damaging the blood vessels in the brain. She was able to wake up from her state at the early age of 22, walk away and never look back. Now she is about to get her BS in accounting and is the mother of a beautiful three-year-old daughter. One former drug dealer and user got the wake up call after finding his mother, a registered nurse and also an opioid user, dead in their home. You can never know when it comes, but there is always hope!

Do you think people always deserve a second chance? Well, human personality isn’t set and done. People can learn from their mistakes and when we give them a second opportunity we allow them to demonstrate this. People mess up all the time, we are human we aren’t perfect. It is possible to learn from our mistakes and grow as a person and as an individual. People need second chances to continuously grow and change and be a better version of themselves. So the answer becomes yes, everyone deserves a second chance.

Take a look at this video which will convince you that people can change and they change for the better. This is the remarkable story of 30-year-old Michael Dubree who was once homeless drug addict, now he is on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. This is the true story of a man who found the light at the end of the tunnel. A life transformed for the better is a life well-lived! From a drug addict at death’s door to the cover of a popular fitness magazine. His "perfect body" is a result of the strong determination to ditch the poor life he once lived. Michael is the picture of health and fully deserves it!

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  • retlaw, 1 year ago

    I like your website because it uses "everyday" language and is simple to navigate.

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  • Gweehe, 1 year ago

    Of course they do, all of us deserve a second chance! Just look at this young woman/mom, the changes she'd made. These changes however, the desire, has to come from the person.

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  • RitaC, 1 year ago

    Off course she does, everyone does, we are only human, To Err is human, to forgive is divine

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  • Berniemullen66, 1 year ago

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  • TGaylor, 1 year ago

    Everyone deserves a second chance. What a beautiful photo of Mum and son.

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