Artist Paints An Energetic And Vivacious Reproduction Of A Dragonfly In Watercolors

Published March 18, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Samuel Bialkowski is a 27-year old Polish self-taught author who is relentless in seeing the boundaries of his talent. His every attempt into whatever draws his interest shoes a striking success: experimenting with cartoons, manga and anime, drawing portraits from photographs, sewing, photography, canvas painting. In 2012, Samuel Bialkowski got interested in spray painting which he now considers a breakthrough in his career. He follows the principle of sharing: being his own mentor and learning everything on his own, he wants to share his techniques in the hope to assist and inspire other aspiring authors.

This is a new video from the paint book of the talented artist Samuel Bialkowski. The video displays his process of creating a remarkable reproduction of a dragonfly using a combined technique of ordinary watercolors and pen. Watch him in action in this impressive time-lapse!

After priming the white sheet with a broad soft paintbrush, Bialkowski proceeds to paint the insect’s body applying pastel blue with a micro-thin brush following the barely noticeable pencil sketch below. After setting the watercolor base of the dragonfly, he resorts to other techniques such as white acrylics for the wings’ nervure, pencil for the shadows and black flow pen for his signature touches. Yet, he doesn’t dwell in the bi-chromatic – he applies free-hand red splashes for the background, or in this example - the foreground. The entire composition gives off an impression of vibrant, restless energy embodied in the subject itself – a dragonfly.