Utility Truck Drives With Boom And Basket Up, Narrowly Avoids Disaster

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Published: March 15, 2017Updated: March 16, 2017

Texan media could have had a field trip with the news if word got out that a utility truck was driving around the city with the boom and basket still up! An truck driver from an unknown utility company failed to check if his vehicle was ready to hit the highway made for quite a sighting.

The clip was shot on Interstate 10 in El Paso, Texas, of a utility vehicle with its bucket extended upward, driving under the signs on the road and barely missing each bar. The incredibly tall and massive truck rolls down the highway and each time it approaches a sign, the hairs on your back rise in expectation to see what kind of damage will it cause. Luckily, the boom seems to be missing the bars by a very slim margin, missing each as it passes under.

You would think that someone - anyone - would be proactive enough to roll alongside the truck and sign the driver that his vehicle isn’t fit to ride, instead of just recording the distracted driver and hoping he will make a mess. The owner of this video has said that it was in fact him, right after he caught up with the vehicle, who rolled near the driver and told him about the basket being extended. The driver was grateful, before stopping to the side to mend the situation.

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      valerie22 · 1 year ago

      I was gonna say Why didn't somebody HONK at him and get attention?! Good Job! It could have been Terrible... At the least, Destruction of property and waste of money and time...