Curious Red Deer Fascinated By Hovering Drone

Published March 15, 2017 596,458 Plays $1,854.71 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeRed deer are extraordinary creatures, found on almost every continent on the planet. They are know as timid animals and usually run away at the sight of predators or humans, making them almost impossible to film while interacting.

But what if you had a camera drone? One person in New Zealand had an extraordinary chance to record on video small herd of grazing red deer, led by a massive stag. The does all scatter at the sight of the buzzing drone approaching, but the stag held his ground. Watch as he comes closer to the drone, sniffing it and watching closely at the unusual object in front of him. A truly one-of-a-kind experience in the New Zealand wild!

Investing into a camera drone seems to be a very good idea indeed. If you set it up properly, use the right equipment and treat it right, your camera drone will be able to show you the world from a whole new perspective. Inaccessible terrain, timid wildlife, ferocious beasts, they can all be caught on video with the help of a drone! Just check out how this person managed to get close enough to a seal pup, who was curious enough to check out the buzzing drone!

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  • postal67, 2 years ago

    Extreme annoying crap!! Know a guy says his can hardly be heard. I did notice he has hearing aids that he probably turns off..

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  • GeorgeBlackmore, 2 years ago

    Not cool, there could be some assholes are out there flying drones so that they can see overhead to bag their limit in time to get home for the Kickoff. Where does one find the sport in that, let's hope the laws have already caught up with this type of cheating.

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    • terriergal, 2 years ago

      You could just read the hunting regulations and find out that yes indeed, the laws are actually keeping up with the times. Then again there might be a-holes out there who don't bother to find out and instead go out there and cast judgment based in ignorance. Besides, these appear to be a captive herd. New Zealand has no predators, do you know that? They can hunt all year around, do you know that? They can also use suppressors, did you know that? It's called a courtesy to your neighbors. They just ask that if you shoot one that you report it so they can keep track of populations in case limits need to be imposed at some point.

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  • valentina, 2 years ago

    What a beautiful stag!

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  • Mushroomdog, 2 years ago

    Add a comment...never under stood why those things have a mic

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  • kellym, 2 years ago

    you were scaring the whole family... you see they wandered off huddled together and let the boss try to assess the situation.. finally even he said screw this and ran off to the family. I think you (drone operator) should be considerate of them.. your in their world.. so try to not be so intrusive and obnoxious and all up in their personal space.. of course they are beautiful.. but let them have their space... how would you like some strange noisy unfamiliar craft come up close to you with you not sure if it is there to hurt you or safe or an enemy... put yourself in the animals place.. dont be an ass..

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