Squirrel Shows Amazing Acrobatic Skills In Overcoming A Hurdle

Published March 14, 2017 609,122 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWelcome to a beautiful place called Natureland. It is home to so many amazing and talented species and wonderful sights, you can never get enough of it. The beauty that lives in it is hardworking and strives for perfection. It is dedicated to becoming the best version of itself as it can be and it doesn’t stop in front of the hurdles, but rather barrels right through them. It is precisely the same with this little squirrel in the video.

Anything is possible with a little bit of practice. When you fail, you just need to try and try again, and again until you achieve your goal. Take this squirrel for instance. Squirrels will do just about anything they can to get to some yummy food, even if that means getting to a bird feeder in the backyard! Attempt after attempt, the squirrel doesn't give up until the food is reached. A few close calls later, the squirrel is happily munching on the food in the bird feeder.

For nature-loving suburbanites, laying out a buffet of seeds and nuts for visiting critters is a great way of transforming a sleepy old backyard into a bustling cafeteria for local wildlife, but sometimes a free lunch just seems too easy.

Animals will do some crazy things, from running around in circles, to shimmying across a bird feeder to get their food. Some of the time we can't figure out why, but other times it's usually for things like food and attention, just like this little guy.

This squirrel starts by shimmying across the bird feeder, where they are met by the enemy i.e. the spinning plate. It was quite the mission to hurdle the obstacle, but eventually the squirrel's persistence paid off, landing them in the food.

This squirrel went to extraordinary lengths to feast on food offerings intended for birds. This generously-tailed animal flaunts its acrobatic skills to get to some yummy food. The crafty grey squirrel overcomes the hurdle, in a form of a spinning platform. The look of adorable determination on the squirrel's face is clearly visible as it munches on the nut after tackling the challenge.

Squirrels are extremely adorable creatures. There are many different varieties of this family, but each and every one of them is extremely precious. We aren’t sure what’s cuter, their grabby hands or their enormous fluffy tail. Whichever it may be, they are one of the prettiest sights in our parks throughout the year. It doesn’t matter whether the sun is shining through the vibrant green leaves of the treetops or if it sparkles off of the tiny crystals in the snow, the furry rodents look extremely majestic and out of this world. Talk about a cuteness overload!

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