Attempted Drift Goes Terribly Wrong As Mustang Crashes At Lamborghini Dealership

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Published: March 13, 2017

If you are a fan of muscle cars, then you probably shouldn’t be watching this video, as it can be pretty painful to watch. Mustang’s are probably the most beloved of all muscle cars out there and it can be pretty safe to say that it takes a real man to hold the reins of that beast. This driver must have felt as such when he decided, not only to attempt to drift on a wet road, but convince a friend to record him as he attempts and fails to do so.

Everyone and their grandmas know how dangerous it is to drive carelessly on a wet road while it is raining, not to mention actually attempting to perform a crazy stunt as drifting. Viewers of the original video commented their facepalm reactions, asking why didn’t the guys talk their friend out of this insane idea, rather than just recording him.

Even if the stunt had been staged for the sake of viral fame, it is still pretty stupid. The Mustang pulls out of a parking lot and starts driving towards the exit, when he steps on the gas, wanting to drift, but loses control on the traction-less tarmac and swerves, right into the fence of the Lamborghini dealership next door. That guy shouldn’t be allowed to even think about touching a steering wheel, let alone actually be allowed to drive.

Just give him the Darwin Award already.

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