LED Light Strip Overview / Review / Comparison

ZhemJZPublished: March 11, 2017Updated: March 14, 2017203 views
Published: March 11, 2017Updated: March 14, 2017

I know next-to-nothing about electrical, but I've learned some things from owning quite a few LED light strips and wanted to give an overview for my fellow shoppers looking to purchase an LED light strip but not sure about what all is involved.

LED Light Strips in this video:

Far Left: http://a.co/3FCEfSB (no longer available on amazon, another great option is http://a.co/gLyK0Sc - you can see my review of that at https://youtu.be/9Oo3XqYDPNk)

Middle: http://a.co/dk5Ma1c

Far right: http://a.co/3eD6m9A

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