Stop Foreclosures Video to help the People

6 months ago

Hello everyone, In this video we are talking to 2 people that are working very hard to give you information on Home Foreclosures. They are here to introduce themselves to you so that if your having a problem or know of someone that is we can try to help them. We want to get this out to as many people as we can this is a very big problem in America. We will have more videos to come but this will give you some information on what to start looking for and we will post how you can find them in Telegram or you can reach out to the Affidavit Mommas and we will give you their information. send an email to or on telegram reach out to Mitch and Ann with this link

We are here to help you to save your home from being taken it is happening all over and many people are being taken advantage of in these times. We hope you like the video we will have more soon.

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