2-year-old plays with 6 foot long pet python

EdwardTaokaPublished: March 9, 2017Updated: March 15, 2017223,657 views
Published: March 9, 2017Updated: March 15, 2017

Here is something that snake haters will still find adorable! After learning the basics of handling a snake from her parents, this little girl has the chance to actually interact with one. Check out how gentle she is with this giant python, even giving him a kiss at the end! You don't see too many children playing with snakes, most would be too scared to even come within five feet of one! How adorable.

This little girl has the ability to get you to say awe. Her cute little voice and her gentleness while interacting with the python is enough to brighten your day. She is definitely not your typical child, that is for sure! What a cool experience this must have been for her after learning how to properly handle the python.

Will there be snakes in her future? Who knows, but for this little girl, just getting the chance to handle this python is enough to make her feel as excited as she is.

Check out this 2 year old handling a python!

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