Scooter Mishap on Road Captured in Bangalore

ViralHogPublished: March 9, 201711 views
Published: March 9, 2017

Occurred on December 20, 2016 / RajajiNagar, Bangalore, India

Info from Licensor: "A man was cruising around in his small wheeled scooter, tailgating a passenger car, while wearing a half face helmet. The roads seemed extremely fine with little traffic and the asphalt laid seemed pleasantly comfortable to ride on, until he encountered a huge pothole in the middle of a big city road. Usually, the city roads are well maintained, but the Indian roads happen to be tampered with its quality due to bad politics and corrupt officials. Even though he realized the pothole, he never had enough time to even navigate his scooter around the pothole. He had no option but to head straight to it. All it took was a few seconds for him to break his nose and bleed so badly, that he almost lost his consciousness from profuse bleeding. It wasn't his fault at all. Anybody in his shoes would have met with the same fate that day. Everyone rushed to pick him up before he lost consciousness and sat him up on the divider. Some even tried to provide water so that it would ease him from the shock he had just experienced.He was hospitalized and is on the verge of recovery now."

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