JUAN O SAVIN- DC SCANDALS and the GREAT SHOWDOWN- Meri Crouley 8 3 2023

6 months ago

This is a SOLEMN time of BIBLICAL Proportions. Some of the incidences that happened during Biblical times are being REVISITED. Sheila Holm brings in her prospective of the connections of the Park in Chicago and Obama.. On the Symbolism. Obama's campaign was "Change We Can Believe In," it was answered with "Yes we can!" heard as reverse speak was Hail Satan. Chicago is where the next https://mericrouley.com/events/ is located and Juan will be there LIVE and Sheila Holm. And many others.. worth going if you live nearby.
Matthew 18:20
King James Version
20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

The sacrifice of Children for the benefit of Ba'al.. the Art Museums, the PARKS, the National Monuments.. the layout of Washington DC. All of this is Symbolism that can be REVERSED.
We Pray for President Donald Trump because his situation as a DEEP STATE SACRIFICE is awful.. but this will be REVERSED.
Juan talks about some other topics here of importance of those that have been offered money to keep from "talking". But the DAM has broken and the TRUTH will be SET FREE. Have Faith and PRAY.

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