Young Nurse Sings A Final Hymn To Her Dying Patient

Published March 8, 2017 305,132 Views

We all marvel at doctors, praising how smart and talented they are. But they are not the only ones that help make us feel better. Nurses, nurse’s aides, and other health care workers are unsung heroes. This video serves as a proof. This young nurse was caught on video helping a dying woman.

This is a beautiful story about a grandma in her final days and a nurse with a beautiful voice and a kind heart. Isabelle Jennings, 18, is a nursing assistant at Life Care Center in Seneca, Kansas, and she had formed a close bond with one patient, 94-year-old Mary Helen Schmelzle. Whenever Jennings came into Schmelzle’s room, she would ask, “Are you going to sing to me?” On her day off, the young nurse came to the grandma’s bedside to sing for her. Get your tissues ready before listening to the nurse’s heartwarming melody!

A few weeks ago when caregiver Isabelle Jennings was talking to Mary Helen Schmelzle, she confided that she felt her struggle with congestive heart failure was near its end. Fearing her elderly patient would pass away before her next shift, Isabelle created a lasting memory for herself and Helen's family.

Despite her sadness, Isabelle did what she always did with her friend, she sang. With her angelic voice, Jennings began singing “In the Garden” while holding the older woman’s hand. The beautiful song was caught on video by Schmelzle’s daughter, Julie Nichol. This beautiful act of kindness and compassion that Isabelle showed, it was very touching. The best gift you can give somebody is your time and compassion.

credit:Jeremiah Nichol

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