Munchkin the Teddy Bear Dog Nails Mannequin Challenge

Published March 7, 2017 6,381 Plays $194.75 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEvery active Internet user has come across something called “the mannequin challenge” once or twice, or a multitude of times. In case you haven’t, it is when a bunch of subjects join a video where they stand completely still mid action, like frozen in time.

The craze, believed to have been started by a group of students in Jacksonville, Florida, hasn’t spared anyone. Athletes, entire sports teams, celebrities, even hospital staff have done it, mid baby delivery!

Man’s creativity knows no boundaries and it seems that the mannequin challenge starts affecting animals as well! Munchkin the teddy bear dog is the latest addition to the group affected by this craze and she seems to be doing a splendid job at it! Dressed in her teddy bear suit, one that her owner made specially for the dog, Munchkin is standing incredibly still in place, surrounded by other stuffed animals. If you haven’t been acquainted with Munchkin before, we dare say that you will not be able to recognize her!

We find it incredible that the Shih Tzu is able to stand so still. Animals can be squirmy, especially when surrounded with toys, but this clever girl is quite an actress! When viral videos come to mind, the first thing we think is some pet doing it’s usual antics for the pleasure of the viewers, but this is a whole new level of entertainment. She never breaks out of position! Such a good girl!

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