ALL STAR POLITICAL PANEL - Devon Archer, Fitch Downgrade and more

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6 months ago

They talk every single day. No one has found the magic that will break the Trump supporter from Trump.
4 years ago in this show we talked about Rosemont capital and the dealings with Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and John Kerry’s son Heinz and the foreign dealings. Many past politicians use their political clout to make money with their connections.
Obama went to meet with Joe Biden.
We can we cannot pay Social Security, pay Medicare, keep the lights on in DC pay the military, they know we can’t pay it off. I spoke to a congressman last night that agreed they all know we can’t pay the bill. We have these 12 appropriations bills coming up. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security plus the current number for interest on the debt is somewhere between 70 and 75% of GDP. GDP is different from taxpayers.
The economy.

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