Skillful Teppanyaki Chef Performs Amazing Egg Trick

Published March 7, 2017 172,533 Views $23.67 earned

Probably the most entertaining restaurant experience you will find will be at a Teppanyaki restaurant. Teppanyaki chefs train for years to prepare delicious and exciting dishes with incredible speed and precision. Their tools flash and slice the food faster than the eye can see. Chefs also learn how to amaze their diners with some incredible tricks.

Watch in "ah" as this chef cracks an egg in one of the most ridiculous methods ever. Never mind just the egg, he serves some of the food by flicking it onto each diners' plate. What a show. That takes some serious talent! This chef displays his skill at cracking an egg in an extremely unusual and entertaining way. His audience is delighted and applauds his technique!

The video undoubtedly makes a lot of waves as this chef juggles a raw egg with a spatula in a way that seems to defy physics. He handles the egg as if it were a mere ping pong ball. For the finale he catches the egg along the edge of the spatula causing it to split as it leaks onto the stove top ready to be cooked. Viewers are impressed with this feat of egg manipulation reacting with comments of “wow”.

The egg tossing is a standard one among these entertainers. The key is spinning the egg which might create an outward force that causes the egg to land straight down on a single point - much like a top. Doing this would allow the shell’s arch strength to help keep it intact.

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