Cat Does A Hilarious Dance Every Morning, So His Owner Decides To Set It To Music

HappyCats Published March 3, 2017 162,121 Plays

Rumble Have you ever seen your dog or cat drag their butt across your carpet? We are sure you don't want your carpet to be treated like a toilet paper for your furry friend's behind. This whole butt scooting business is actually quite common, so don't freak out. Whether this cat is doing some cat yoga or it got a serious scratch on the back this video will send you laughing with tears!

Remember, scooting on the floor is not a normal cat behavior. Training, such as punishment for bad behavior, will not be effective at stopping the cat from dragging its bottom on the floor. The action of scooting is prompted by the itchy anal sacs, and your cat may also feel discomfort or even pain. There is no way to train the cat not to feel it. If your cat is dragging his bottom on the floor, visit your veterinarian to find out why and what you can do to help.

So, if your cat is dragging his bottom on the carpet, be reminded that this behavior is a good reason to visit a veterinarian because it is commonly linked to anal gland problems in cats. Anal glands, which are often called “anal sacs” or “scent glands,” are situated near the anus and secrete a cat’s individual scent, which plays an important role in territory marking with feces and gives them the name “scent glands.” If the anal glands are itchy, a cat will try to relieve the uncomfortable sensation by scooting on the floor.