Guy jumps into pool of motor oil, immediately regrets it

ToJestDroga Published March 3, 2017 858,310 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdJumping in a pool to get likes is acceptable. But when that pool is filled with motor oil, that may not be a good way to become internet famous.

A mechanic made a bet that he would jump into a pool filled with old motor oil. Yet another video confirming that Russia is not a country, Russia is a state of mind!

He immediately regrets his decision when he finds out that motor oil is very hard to remove from the skin. His appearance is cringe-worthy and we just home that that bet was worth it, and that he safely managed to get that icky stuff off his body.


  • Tamaracboy, 2 years ago

    Candidate for a Darwin Award

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  • DavidHereaux, 2 years ago

    Why is there a pool of oil? How dumb can you be? At least now he knows what wildlife feels when we have oil spills.

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  • tadchem371, 2 years ago

    Hold my beer!

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