Woman Cycling In Desert Finds A Dying Puppy And Nurses It Back To Health

Published March 3, 2017 1,231,725 Views

A heartwarming video has emerged of a cyclist saving the life of a deserted puppy and nursing it back to health!

Diane Lea, founder and bicyclist of 50 Causes Ride, saw a small "animal" walking in circles in the middle of the desert. Diane and Liz Watkins, video producer and RV driver, were nine days into Diane's 50 day journey. Diane rode 50 miles a day for 50 days to bring awareness to 50 Causes. On day 9, for Multiple Sclerosis, Diane was riding in 105 degree heat in southern Arizona. The "animal" turned out to be a dying puppy. Liz captured the <a href="https://rumble.com/v31291-puppy-rescued-from-miserable-puppy-mill-learns-how-to-walk-again.html" target="_blank">rescue mission</a> on video.

When a bicyclist saw a delirious puppy walking in circles on the asphalt in the desert of southern Arizona at 105 degree heat, she immediately picked it up and brought it back to her RV to resuscitate it. The entire rescue mission was being filmed by Liz Watkins who was also driving the RV with supplies.

On day 9 of their 50 day trek they found this <a href="https://rumble.com/v460b0-three-cape-coral-women-search-for-abandoned-dog.html" target="_blank">deserted puppy</a> that seemed to be dying of thirst and hallucinating because of the hot sun! Footage shows Diane serving the pup with a bowl of water and giving the pooch a soothing bath in order to cool him down! It is adorable how the tiny pooch fit perfectly in the plastic container and enjoyed bathing in cold water.

Diane’s RV was filled with many “road treasures” i.e. objects discarded by people on the road., which she often collects and keeps as souvenirs. But none would turn out to be as precious as this little ball of fur! This caring lady nursed the dying pup back to health and the two of them have been inseparable ever since!

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