Little girl steals chocolate, blames baby sister

Published March 2, 2017 15,970 Views

Rumble / Babies & Kids3-year-old Avaya stole her mom's chocolate, climbed into her sister's crib and ate it all. When confronted with the evidence on her face, she blames her sister! "Liza did it!" But when mom asks little Avaya what's around her mouth, she takes a "bite" out of her her baby sister's "misdemeanor" by saying that they shared! :D Simply adorable.
Even though so young, toddlers can be very resourceful. But when a little toddler tell a lie, it's not because it is developing a criminal mind. They do that because they want to remain "good" by undoing what they did so you wouldn't be angry. So encourage honesty with your little ones and show them that you trust them. Just don't crush their creative little minds.

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