Cat's Emotional Reaction To Being Reunited With Blind Dog Is Amazing

7 years ago

A woman was offered a job in which she had to relocate for a bit a few hours away. She took her daughter's dog (Coco) with her because she is blind and requires extra attention. Her cat (Jasper) has always seemed to have an attachment to Coco.

Jasper, the cat, has a best friend in the shape of Coco, a friendly blind dog who lives with his human’s daughter. They have a very close relationship because when Coco went away for a period, every day Jasper would wait by the back door, waiting for Coco to visit him.

The woman thought it would be a cute idea to record her cat's reaction to being reunited with his canine buddy after about a month or so. This video shows cat’s emotional response to being reunited with his blind canine pal.

Every day that the dog wasn't there, Jasper would wait by the back door for her. He normally follows the dog everywhere she goes, and since she is blind, he sometimes guides her in the right direction. What an incredible bond!

See Jasper’s reaction when he is finally reunited with his canine buddy after about a month or so, he is so pleased to see him and follows him around the room. How delightful to watch this cat and dog share a head bump as a sign of friendship and trust.

Even though there are a lot of stereotypes about dogs and cats and how the world is divided into dog lovers and cat lovers, they say that dogs and cats are mortal enemies and that they have hate for each other.

We believe that this video will show the people that even though they have many differences, they can be friends and love each other. Also though they are not a lot of friendships like these, the few that we see are sincere, loyal, full of love friendships. Do you think dogs and cats can develop a rapport?

Just like humans, cats and dogs are very social animals and need affection, love, and companionship. These kinds of friendships tell us a big message that at the end of the day It doesn't matter what your friends look like as long as your friendship is real and it makes you feel a better person, or in the case the better doggy.

Don't you love friendships like this that melts your hearts? They are the purest. Here is another unlikely friendship between a dog and a cat and they are super cute!

The beautiful canine was sitting in his house when an unusual guest appeared at the door. And the guest was, a precious feline friend! During their greeting, the door kept closing on them, leaving the precious cat outside. So, what did the dog do? As soon as the door closed, he jumped and opened it with his paws. The same situation kept happening, so eventually, the cat decided to enter the house so they could continue their conversation.

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