What Might Be The World's Strangest Fish Was Found On The Coast Of Chile

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Published: March 2, 2017

When you think about how deep the seas are and how big of a surface they cover on this planet, it should not comes as a surprise that there are species of marine life that we have not seen yet. People all over the world are flabbergasted when ever they see creatures of the sea washed up on the beaches and they keep guessing what kind of an animal that might be, some even going to the extent that it might be alien life!

The creature in this video is a type of fish called Eptatretus, or Pacific hagfish, which can be found living on the floor of the Pacific ocean. They resemble like early Paleozoic fish, with their eel-like body, yet they are not related to eels.

This encounter has been filmed on a rocky beach near Tirúa, Chile. This type of fish rarely wash up upon shore, which probably means that someone fished it out of the water. So don't worry, you might never be able to encounter this beast from the deep!

If, however, you are an aquatic enthusiast with a penchant for discovering the oddities of this world, then you should definitely check out this countdown of the top 5 strangest fish under the sea. Learning is so much fun when you get to do it through video!

Suffice it to say that humankind better get down to the ground and explore this planet first, before they go out exploring others! Who knows what other extraordinary things they might discover!

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    • 2 rumbles
      hootbah · 1 year ago

      Why is it not in the water? Why such poor camera work?

    • 5 rumbles
      swipper1 · 1 year ago

      he's trying so hard to get to the water, put him in, what's wrong with you?

    • 4 rumbles
      Barbie33 · 1 year ago

      should have picked it up and tossed back into water

    • 2 rumbles
      Liane · 1 year ago

      Sadistic assholes.

    • 2 rumbles
      SeniorLass · 1 year ago

      It looks like it's wounded and suffering. :/ That looks like a trail of blood. What happened to it and how did it get out of the water in the first place. So sad!!!

    • 1 rumble
      KeJorn · 1 year ago

      That appears to be a hagfish. Why it is not in the water, deep along the sea floor is rather odd. They generally do not live anywhere near the shallow parts of the sea.. as they feed on dead sharks, whales and other sea life that sink to the bottom.

    • 0 rumbles
      RPDNLV · 1 year ago

      It's an eel with it's head cut off. C'mon people. Seriously?