Girl Teaches Toy Dog To Fetch

AFVPublished: March 2, 2017544 views
Published: March 2, 2017

What could possibly sweeter than a kid teaching her faithful canine companion how to play fetch? How about an adorable little girl attempting to teach her stuffed animal how to play fetch? It takes quite a few tries, but after all her hard work, this little toy finally learns how to be a real dog!

Growing up is tough enough without trying to achieve the impossible, but it seems that this little girl has succeeded in getting her toy dog to fetch. The video that follows her endeavor has gone insanely viral and we don't have to guess why. Seeing a little child persevere and have fun while doing it is something we just can't get enough of!

Whenever you feel like giving up on something, just watch what little kids do. They are not bothered with the weight of the world's so called expectations of them, so they just repeat what they like to do until they are absolutely certain they have mastered it! The saying “fall down seven times, stand up eight” was probably coined while watching toddlers learn how to walk! Isn't it kinda sad that we have grown out of our “don't care what anybody says” phase as children and began to worry so much about what the world thinks?

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