Roof Icicles Come Crashing Down In Spectacular Fashion

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Occurred on February 26, 2017 / Mt. Baker Ski Area, Washington, USA

"Mt. Baker Ski Area has been getting hammered with snow this winter. So much snow that their roof heaters couldn't keep up, and caused a pile up on the roof. Poking and breaking up the overhanging snow was the only option to get it down. What happened next was crazy!"

These two guys have been thinking of a way to get the snow down from the roof of this building, and decided to poke at it. It seemed like the only option. What they didn't expect was the huge amount of snow coming down all at once, crashing into the branches of the surrounding trees. It's a good thing no one was down below where all the ice had fallen, that could have injured someone very seriously. Imagine having a block of ice as massive as these drop over you? Not a winter wonderland, that is for sure!

We are surprised how just a few strategically placed pokes can crash the entire thing, as gargantuan as it was! When the ice started giving up under the weight, it gave such chilling sounds. For a moment there we almost thought that the entire roof was going to collapse on these men. Luckily, it didn't.

At one point, another huge chunk of frozen snow crumbles to the ground, lathing onto the rod that the man was poking the ice in the first place and it almost pulled him down as well. If he didn't let go of it in the nick of time, that is!

With the area sectioned off with a bright red tape, no one was down there to experience the icy shower. But the men working on clearing the roof sure sound like they got a thrill out if though.

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