Culture War | Guest: Ian Smith | “Find Your Hill” | Tucker Carlson | Pete Hegseth | Dan Bongino | Clay Clark - Reawaken America Tour | Never Give Up Never Back Down

3 months ago

Today, the moms welcome to the show Ian Smith. Ian is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and a great American who, in the face of tyrannical lock downs, stood up not just for his freedom but for all Americans nationwide. First, Ian gives us the details about his fight against city and state officials to keep his small business open and how patriots from all over the country supported him in his efforts to keep his gym open for the duration of the pandemic. Ian also tells us about his interviews with Tucker Carlson, Pete Hegseth and Dan Bongino and how these interviews helped him gain national attention and support. He concludes with sharing his life changing experience at the Reawaken America Tour.

You can get Ian’s book, “Find Your Hill” here:

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