Incredible Wolf Time Lapse Drawing Made By Finish Artist Camilla Haggblom

Published March 1, 2017 697 Plays

Rumble / Time LapsesCamilla Haggblom is a young aspiring graphic designer, illustrator and digital artist based in Finland. She is now at the beginning of her career and her works clearly illustrate that very thing: vigor, excitement an passion. Apart from the merchandising, the dabbling in 3D painting and cartoons, Haggblom specializes in animal and nature-themed artwork inspired from her native Finland.

In this time-lapse video on the top of the page, Haggblom shows the process she uses when painting Finish wildlife series. Like in most of her non-digital pieces of art, she resorts to colored pencils and Copic markers. The first step is drawing the subject in pencil. Then, she gives a dark color to the background and with short controlled strokes of the colored pencil, she starts to give substance to the subject – a forest wolf. To avoid smudging the progress accomplished thus far, she comers the surface with a thin, plastic layer where she rests her hand. The steadiness and focus are incredible: every hair of the wolf’s fur is given appropriate attention and the result is an absolutely stunning in-depth portrait of this Finish national animal.

If you are interested in seeing more of Haggblom’s works in the wildlife series, you can check out this stunning time-lapse of Finnish wildlife drawings. And her work does not end there: she makes sure to always take videos of his work process and share them on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media. Enjoy!