Crying dog at shelter finds new home

Published March 1, 2017 369,818 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesBlue King the pit bull has found his forever family. The Carson Shelter promotes the saving of animals at a high kill shelter in Gardena, California. Blue King has been literally crying after being surrendered to the shelter. This is the day he was adopted and went home!


  • titansrst, 3 years ago

    That dog is blessed by her adoptive comanions. God Bless them. I am disaled and havea shelter dog. I love him more than anything except my mom.

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  • Jenny, 3 years ago

    I hate seeing dogs in harnesses because the handler has no control. Anyone who owns a medium or large dog should learn how to use a choke collar together with a 6' leather leash. The dog has to understand that s/he is at the bottom of the totem pole - not at the top!!

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    • DogWhisperer7, 3 years ago

      I hate seeing PEOPLE with dogs using choker collars. It is NOT necessary to choke down a dog in order to train him/her. It is inhumane. Halti makes headcollars, harnesses, and training leads for the sole purpose of training a dog. If one has no patience, then one need NOT have an animal. Dogs are trainable. They will understand the pack order with the proper training. (Notice I said "proper" training). It seems the problem is usually with the handler NOT the dog. Please don't blame the dog for your lack of skill.

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  • trouble, 2 years ago

    He's gorgeous. Such a love. So glad he has a furever home.

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