Man Discovers Smartphone Reception Hack During Bottle Flip Challenge

6 years ago

Has this happened to you: you are out hiking, exploring the wonders of nature and you come across a sight that you just have to share on your Instagram and the cell signal is terrible? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to boost your signal? Well Jordan Ransom here has a cool little hack for you for when you are in dire need of cell coverage! All you need is a full water bottle and your cell phone.

Put your phone on airplane mode and place the full bottle near the top of the phone. Putting the phone on airplane mode blocks all wireless and cellular signals. After a few seconds, turn off airplane mode and the bottle of water will boost your carrier's signal just enough for you to upload that photo or send an emergency text if need be.

Even though we are not sure how this hack works, it seems that it worked for Jordan here.

While many people are skeptical about smartphones’ importance in today’s society, the fact remains that they’re a vital part of our world. Whether we’re using them for shopping, communication, entertainment, or anything else, there are a host of reasons to use them.

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