Mom Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands After Her Son Is Continually Bullied At School

DailyHeadlines Published February 27, 2017 10,931 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesA North Carolina middle school student was left bloodied and bruised after a bully shoved his face into the pavement.


  • Pax, 2 years ago

    Instead of sending a complaint to the school, whose staff we all know will never take appropriate action against bullies, take it to the cops, Every. Single. Time. Make sure there is an official record of every theft, assault, threat and/or harassment. Sooner or later, the bully is going to come up against an official who doesn't kiss some school board's or PTA's butt, and there will actually be some consequences. This does, however, raise an interesting question (beyond wondering why bullying is not only overlooked but often rewarded): when some kid mentally or emotionally snaps and there is a school shooting such as happened in Columbine, why does anyone wonder why it happened? As long as bullies are rewarded and victims are punished for being bullied, there is always the chance that a Columbine will happen again.

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  • Jenny, 1 year ago

    The best way to avoid bullying in public schools is home schooling!

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