Revitalizing Our Food, Farms, and Soil: The Farmers Speak Unlisted Video

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is going to make agricultural policy a top priority to turn the nation's farms around.

How will he do that? He'll start by learning from some of America's most innovative farmers — and you can join him in this learning.

Elizabeth Kucinich: organic and regenerative agriculture champion who will moderate the conversation between Mr. Kennedy and the farmers

Ben Dobson of Hudson Carbon in Hudson Valley, New York

Gail Fuller of Fuller Farms in Kansas

Will Harris of White Oak Pastures in Georgia

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin of Tree Range Farms, Inc. in Minnesota

Kerry Hoffschneider of The Graze Master Group in Nebraska

John Kempf of Advancing Eco Agriculture of Ohio

Bob Quinn of Quinn Farm & Ranch in Montana

Judith McGeary of Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance in Texas

Wayne Swanson of Swanson Family Farm in Georgia

Together, we will hear stories of heartbreak and success, loss and regeneration, as Mr. Kennedy charts a course for the revitalization of farming in America.

Land stewardship and farming hold the key to human and ecological security and a livable planet. Learn the exciting ways in which we can save ourselves while developing policies that support farmers.

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