6 years ago

Sweet Lab Puppy Is Confused By Harmless Peanut Butter

Everyone’s childhood has been marked by by that sweet combination of peanut butter and jelly. One sandwich kept us full and ready to hit the streets playing until the sun went down. Even now, if there isn’t anything more fun to fill our bellies, we always reach out to the sticky substance in a jar, digging in with a big spoon. Too sticky? Just down it with some milk. Yum!

They used to say you should steer clear of the nut butters if you are trying to lose weight, but now everyone and their mom is promoting their benefits. Good fats, good carbs and packed full with protein. Just mind the serving and you are good to go. But for a little one, Peanut butter can be very tempting, unless they are a clever little Labrador puppy.

A cute Labrador named Charlie attempts to try peanut butter for the first time. The temptation is strong but he knows it's not his cheat day! His owner is teasing the pup with a smearing of the sweet nut butter - the chunky kind, no less - on a big spoon. It is Charlie’s first time with the stuff and he is being super cautious.

The nut butter tickles Charlie’s nose and he wants to taste it, but as soon as it touches his nose, the pup backs off and starts complaining! Why would they tease him like that? He tries to avoid it, but the aroma is just. Too. Much!

We all would love to have a level of self-control like Charlie!

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