Excited Cat Makes Hysterically Funny Noises While Eating

Published February 23, 2017 4,755 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensYes, we know that cats have utterly, totally and forever taken over the Internet, and yes, we know that everybody is gripped into the Catsteria and, yes, you are not exactly a cat person, but whatever other reasons you have for not playing this video – stop – this is not your ordinary cat video! This is something that would put a smile even on the faces of Da Vinci’s marble statues. This is why we decided not to play in museums, out of fear it would damage historical treasures.

As a rule, not many people in this world take pleasure in listening to the sounds someone produces during a meal. This, however, does not apply to very hungry cats that gobble their food with such an amazing appetite, while producing never heard before mind-boggling sounds that will plunge you into laughing out loud. Watch the video and see for yourself!

Do you have fluffy pets running around in your house? Probably a cat? Then you just like the video showing how a cat tries to show what a tremendous pleasure he is experiencing in the process of eating food.

The happy whining and contented rumbling of the cat during the meal caused us only the most pleasant emotions. Sometimes we even burst out with laughter, despite being in a busy office. After watching, be sure to share the video with your friends and look at their reaction.


  • missvirgule, 2 years ago

    he's VERY happy :-) and is irresistible !

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  • Snoops27, 2 years ago

    He's telling you to stay away from his food. This could lead to you getting scratched or the poor cat getting indigestion.

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  • SalMills, 41 weeks ago

    Precious! Love his sounds...when cats are vocal, to me it's a sign of a 'happy cat'. Until science proves otherwise, I'll stick with that...

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