Surfing in Germany

ViralHogPublished: February 21, 20173 views
Published: February 21, 2017

Despite being a couple hundred miles away from the closest water, I was baffled to actually see people surfing in Germany; heard of these river contraptions, but this was really rad to see. Props to all the guys and girls out there champing the freezing water. Us up in Norcal whine about the water being cold (4-3 wet suits and all), can't imagine how much we'd bitch hopping into this death trap. Surprisingly people die right here in this spot each year....

"In 2007, as in most years since the Eisbach was first built, there were a spate of deaths in the river. These included the deaths of an Australian tourist, a 61-year-old local teacher, and a PhD student at Munich university. These deaths prompted calls by a city council member to remove the wave. Naturally the local surfers were appalled at this idea, and they started a petition called save the Eisbach wave. In early 2008 the council finally decided not to remove the wave. The rationale being that nobody has actually died as a result of surfing here. The only deaths have been from swimmers. Surfers generally know what they are doing. Swimmers, however, are casual users are are often reckless. Surfing is now tolerated, but swimming is banned and offenders can be fined if caught" (Eisbach, 2005)

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