Deadly Brown Snake Caught By Hand

Published February 21, 2017 1,297 Plays $2.67 earned

Rumble We received a phone call regarding getting a 2 meter eastern brown snake removed from their property. A family living in Port Elliot on scrub land had known this big brown snake had been living on their property for 2 years, but they didn't mind as they only saw it every now and again and knew where it was residing. But, the big snake decided to move closer to their house, he found a home amongst some rocks surrounding a garden bed, only several metres from their back door, so they decided it was too close now and had to be removed.
They had snake defenders in the ground (obviously they don't work) otherwise the snake wouldn't be there! I had a feeling the snake was under those rocks somewhere, and so it was, a nice, big, healthy brown snake, probably about 20 years old.