Husky Dog Having Huge Tantrum Before Bath

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Published: February 21, 2017

Knick-knack paddy whack, give the dog a bath. To your dog, a bath doesn't equate to getting all beautified; it means having the worst time of his life. His fear isn't completely irrational: Water's scary, not to mention being suds up and groped. Your canine friend thinks baths are for the birds. Let’s just say that is not quite their idea of relaxing!

As soon as they hear that is bath time, they run like Forest Gump! It's not easy for your pup to sit back and relax when he's getting all spruced up. So they often throw a tantrum at you! Like Monk! Let us introduce you to Monk! He is Siberian husky. He loves agility and mushing and playing with his brothers and sisters. He has earned a Canine Good Citizen award and he is a therapy dog. He also enjoys scootering with his family, sledding and skijoring. However, he really really really hates baths!

Her owner says: Monk is the first Siberian husky I have ever owned. He is nearly 6 years old and full of all sorts of drama. He is a real character. He is great with other dogs and with children. He loves to be out in the public. He is an agility dog and a therapy dog. Monk even has a book written after him, Monk The Christmas Husky.

He is the spokesdog for The Southwest Michigan Husky Club and supports his community by visiting children and veterans throughout Michigan. Monk as a real flair for the dramatic. He adores being the center of attention. There is nothing he likes more and people telling him how beautiful he is on any given day!

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