Police Chase on a Dirt Road in Hinton, Canada

ViralHog Published February 21, 2017 5 Plays $0.01 earned

Rumble A thief attempting to steal a Caterpillar Skid Steer and leads the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on a chase on the dirt road between Hinton and Edson. The thief with flat tires blocked the road and escaped on foot.

From the licensor:

"So today was an eventful day at work, the truck broke down and then this happened. It's pretty shitty and exciting that this would happen right in front of you, in the bushes, no way to go anywhere safe, I was forced to stay put, film and just watch. If you watch closely, you will see, that the bad guy gets out of his truck and runs, an officer stops behind him to chase him, then another officer hits the railing on the bridge due to the dust, then that officer gets out of his unmarked police van, as he is getting out a RCMP SUV rear-ends the unmarked police van, nearly missing the officer who is getting out. Then they realize the guy has a gun and they all back off, it just got serious."