Gymnast Performs A Jaw-Dropping Tumbling Routine

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Rumble While most kids her age dream of getting their first very-own ride, 17-year-old gymnast Angel Rice dreams of competing in the Olympics. And if her viral Instagram video, amazing 16,000 likes, has anything to say, we think the teen is well on her way.

In the clip, Angel performs a complex routine consisting of a roundoff, back handspring, double back, three whip-backs in a row without using her hands, back handspring and a double pike. We can’t even say these things without tripping!

"I can do better but that was just for that competition," said Rice. "I've done harder passes. I've done a roundoff, back handspring, double-A, three whips and then another back handspring. For Nationals, I'm gonna do something way harder," she adds, which, judging by her resume, isn't too hard to believe.

Another thing that she is super famous about is breaking a Guinness World Record by performing 10 double full twists in one minute. And she credits her mom for it all.

Angel also has an older sister who had been taking tumbling before her, so she started at the tender age of three. Due to the financial strain that are gymnastics classes it was the girl’s mom who trained Angel the first few years. That only made the 17-year-old work even harder.

She now trains three hours a day for tumbling — one hour comprised of warm ups and practicing techniques and she devotes the other two hours to "a bunch of of conditioning."


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    She is Olympic material for certain! Sign that girl up!

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