The 120 car pile-up that happened on I-94 this morning in Michigan in action.

ViralHogPublished: February 21, 201733 views
Published: February 21, 2017

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. - one person was killed and 16 were injured Friday morning in a pileup involving 193 vehicles on Interstate 94. One truck was carrying a corrosive chemical. Another truck involved in the pileup was carrying fireworks that exploded.

From the creator:

I was in a vehicle the was traveling westbound on I94. As we started down the hill we could see what looked like an accident. Fortunately we had already decreased our speed. We got in the left lane and decided it was best to get off the road into the median. As vehicle were flying by us out of control we carefully maneuvered into the median as close as we could to the cable fence. Coming to stop behind another vehicle. We quickly made the decision to jump out of the vehicle and get across the cable fence to be safely on the eastbound road, there were no vehicles on it because it was shut down from an accident. I then got my phone out and immediately started to record what was happening. It was a very scary situation. As cars were coming to a stand still in the median I wanted to get people out of their cars and across the cable fence so they would be safe in case a vehicle came into the median out of control. I didn't want anyone to get struck. We did what we could and I am very thankful to God that we are safe! We need to keep all those involved and their families in our prayers!

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