Great Way To Summon the Rain Gods! | Rocket Festival in Kut Wa 2014

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Published: February 21, 2017

Regional pride runs rampant during this festival in Kut Wa. Food, fun, rockets, and Rain Gods are some of the important features. Enjoy the footage!

This is an annual tradition to summon rain from the gods. If any village does not do this, the rain will not fall.

1. Is there any information about the structure of this specific girandola?
2. Size of disk?
3. Types of rockets attached?
4. Angles and spacing of rockets?
5. What is it mounted on?

Drill million to create a pinwheel
Ban Kut Kut Wa Wa District Kuchinarai. Kalasin

1. Components of saltpeter (fuel).
Saltpeter, charcoal and mixed with the (sulfur) as "ammunition" used as fuel in a pinwheel.

2. The size of the MF million
MF 2-3 hundred meters long, 3 inches in diameter.
MF 5-6 million meters in diameter and 5 inches long.
MF 8-10 meters in diameter, 10 inches long and ten million.

3. Type of MF million
Using a steel pipe (metal) by compressing the powder into the pipe. Which the gunpowder packed into steel pipes require a wire wrapped around the pipe. In order not to warp or swell because of the use of steel pipes, compressors, hydraulics, with a lot of pressure. After then compressed gunpowder Brought them out of wire.

4. Drilling / spaced holes at the Pinwheel million.
4 holes drilled at MF
MF million six holes drilled
MF ten million eight holes drilled.

5. What kind of umbrella attached to the pinwheel million.
Mounting isolated on a pinwheel Catherine came time to secure. Not falling too fast The bark of a banana tied to the metal stripes pinwheel first floor, then stick them into the shade. Using a parachute

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