Three Men Rescue What They Thought Was A Deer Decoy From Frozen Lake

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Published: February 21, 2017

Chase Lankford and his two sons were on their way to visit family in Indiana. That’s when the trio discovered what they initially thought was a deer decoy sitting on a frozen lake. But upon closer inspection, they realized it was an actual deer, a young buck unable to get up and walk on the ice to safety.

Lankford and company then set out to rescue the deer. The animal was unable to move, probably from the cold and exhaustion, so one of Chase’s sons pulls the deer by the ear, since he was probably unsure if the animal is injured or not. The frightened animal gives in to the man, although the icy surface makes his hooves slip and slide all over the place.

The other son cokes with a thick stick to help push the buck out of the ice, but it frightens it even further. So his brother grabs the animal’s front legs to guide him up to dry land.

The buck seemed appreciative following the rescue, even allowed the men to take photos with him as mementos. Lankford reports the family returned the following day to check on the deer, following his tracks in the snow for 30 minutes.

Alas, they never saw him again.

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