Cyclist collides with Kangaroo just outside of Australia's Parliment House.

ViralHogPublished: February 21, 201775 views
Published: February 21, 2017

I'm a 45yr old woman who has been a reasonably regular bike commuter for 20yrs.

I was on my home from work in the centre of Canberra, a commute of just under 18ks, when I was exiting Capital Circle (which circles Parliament House) onto Adelaide Avenue (just before The Lodge where our Prime Minister lives when Parliament is in session) when the kangaroo appeared from my left and jumped into the side of my front wheel. I was knocked sideways onto my left side with my elbow and knee taking the brunt of the fall with my hip also sustaining some damage. Fortunately 4 cars stopped within seconds with 5 people offering assistance. Two rang ambulances while one woman gave me a towel to wrap around my knee (I still have the towel as it travelled to hospital with me).

The ambulance and police arrived within 5 minutes. I was conveyed to hospital where I spent some 7hrs in emergency waiting for treatment as there were several other major traumas being dealt with.

In the end I required 8 stitches for a deep gash across my left knee.

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