Casually Getting Cyclonic Winds At Work In Kuranda

ViralHogPublished: February 21, 201712 views
Published: February 21, 2017

The video was recorded on the 19/1/15 in Kuranda, QLD during a hailstorm, including strong damaging winds.

I was at my workplace (A restaurant in kuranda), It had been increasingly getting more stormy all day, there was lots of thunder and lightening, and the rain was starting to get very heavy and the wind was picking up. The power had just gone out. I stopped to take some footage of the heavy rain (and what must have also been hail at that point) and the wind kept increasing. All of a sudden, in one great big gust of wind and hail, many trees were snapped clean in half and sent flying meters from their trunks, thick foliage of vines were ripped entirely of of restaurant railings, and at our cafe (upstairs from the restaurant recorded, along the street) tables and chairs were allegedly sent flying.

It was very shortlived though. Not long after the peak caught on camera it died down all together. I'm told that the short burst of cyclonic winds can be defined as a microburst. The effects were very central to just one area. Even people just five minutes down the road didnt get the effects that we did

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