Kyrie Irving Says the Earth is Flat...

Published February 20, 2017 120 Views

Rumble / Entertainment LifeYeah, so Kyrie Irving really believes in the Flat Earth theory, and if you were looking for a description, it is. We're just as miffed by it as you are.


  • Jumpa, 3 years ago

    The fact that these basketball celebrities are being used to dumb down the flat earth movement is a shame. I mean who better to get your scientific information from about the fact we are NOT on a spinning globe than from a basketball player right?? No disrespect to B/Ball players, but science really is not their field of expertise. While I believe Kyrie is genuine in his statement & his belief in a flat earth. I believe Shaq was a Masonic implemented damage control of the subject Flat earth has quite literally taken over Youtube with the proven facts & experiments about it. Shaq & the like of him are out to make the entire subject look utterly ridiculous and he succeeded. People the facts are there Take 10 minutes out of your control lives and watc4h this video from a person that actually spent time doing scientific studies and research on the subject. As soon as people hear the words "Flat earth" they immediately dismiss it which is a BIG MISTAKE. They think of ships going over the edge of the world which is ridiculous. In 2011 I went into the flat earth movement to prove to them how ridiculous they were & try as I may I simply could not, in fact, the only thing I proved was it is not a spinning globe So removing my cognitive dissonance I now believe we are not on a spinning globe I believe this because ...well just watch this video this man explains it better than I can.

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