The GA Elite Is Involved In The Recent Indictment Of Trump

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6 months ago

The GA elite is involved in the recent indictment of Trump. Brian Kemp, Brad Raffensperger, and Chris Carr are at the top of the list. Chris Carr wrote the amicus brief to stop the audit of Fulton County. The audit would have shown Brad Raffensperger a liar, Dominion not secure, and it would have not given Jack Smith the evidence.
There are 48 mentions of GA in the federal indictment of Trump. What if Chris Carr and Brad Raffensperger claimed to be republicans in GA and got out of the way and let Judge Amero and VoterGA to the audit. The indictment yesterday is why you didn’t see those ballots. In the case all of a sudden right before allowing the audit, Judge Amero said that VoterGA didn’t have standing. He went through the case to the point of setting the date for the audit before claiming that VoterGA didn’t have standing. It would have proven the corruption in Fulton County. And there wouldn’t have been anything to the case for Jack Smith. Or the case in Fulton Co and Fani Willis.
It seems just yesterday this was the headline. “DOJ dubious timing to demand Hunter biz pal’s jailing as he preps House testimony ‘Arch’ enemy” Devon Archer, former partner of Hunter Biden and Heinz, testifies that Joe Biden was on speaker phone with the business dealings that they had.
Yesterday the news cycle was an illusion, “Hunter Biden sold ‘illusion of access’ to his father, former business partner tells Congress”. The media is creating the illusion.
Today’s headline: “Conspiracy To Defraud The United States Trump indicted for election lies, January 6”
If you think for one minute that Kemp, Carr, Raffensperger that they like Trump. We, the grassroots, wanted Hermet Dhillion, and Ronna McDaniel won. And if you think Ronna McDaniel likes Trump. They are all waiting for Trump to fall. Every time you look at the big sheet of candidates and you wonder how they think they can win. Trump could pull the Biden basement stunt and still win if the election was honest. There are a couple of them that are on the attack, Chris Christie and Will Hurd. And there are a couple that are going to be there for that pivotal moment. The RNC is going to have a debate. Trump isn’t going. And Trump is planning a competing event with Tucker Carlson.
White House hopefuls heading to GA as Trump charges loom.
If you are in a war you better not let your anger overcome your planning. We are in a war so let's prepare. In mid August every single republican candidate will visit GA including Donald Trump. These will go to the never-Trumper parties but Trump will go to Fulton County to get a mugshot.
They can’t separate Trump from you. They can’t separate MAGA from you. They can’t do what they think because we, the MAGA, are before Trump. They can’t destroy the bond and they can’t separate us.

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