Rescuing a stray dog that was strangled with a rope on his neck - Delavar

SezarSanctuary Published February 17, 2017 21,535 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesThis Angel's name is Delavar (courageous). He is another victim of a worthless, ruthless, despicable humanoid non-human entity walking the earth. Delavar was tied up, with a tight rope around his neck which ate into his flesh as he starved to the brink of death. In desperation he made a last attempt to fight for his dwindling life and escaped. However, his injuries lead to an acute infection and his situation became more desperate by each passing day. Sadly every day tens of people saw him alone, injured, sick and starving and chose to close their worthless eyes to his suffering and spare themselves the sight...till one day...

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  • palpus, 2 years ago

    Unreal!!! Unreal still to the fact that no one even bothered making a comment about the disgust. I guess animals lives really don't matter. Nor does it make much news.

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    • Grrrrrrr, 2 years ago

      It matters to me..And it is disgusting that nothing happens to the owners who do these cruel and demented things to these poor loving animals..

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  • Grrrrrrr, 2 years ago

    This is so sad and cruel. How could someone do this to a poor animal? The video does not show if they have gotten the infection from his face or how he is doing now. Are there any updates on his condition? I hope he is doing better and has found a loving and safe home..

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