He Comes Back From An 8-Month Deployment To Find Girlfriend In A Wedding Dress

Published February 16, 2017 288,157 Views

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesHere's one that will melt your heart! Sebastian - who had been gone on deployment for 8 months - was surprised to see his wife Ashley in wedding dress for the first time. Let's provide some context. The beautiful military couple were wed 8 months prior to this video, right around the time where Ashley was diagnosed with Autoimmune Disorder. At the time, they became married at a courthouse, and Ashley didn't wear a wedding dress. Fast forward 8 months, and here we are with Ashley surprising her husband, how sweet!

Love knows no bounds. It is the special bond, shared between two people. From being across the world from one another, to being in the same room, it is the glue that holds up the foundation of society. Old or young, through sickness and in health, love is the fuel that keeps people going. Anyone would do anything for their significant other, and that is why love is so strong.

Keeping things interesting is important in relationships. They lead to special moments being shared between lovers. Were all sure the this memory will be a long lasting one for both Ashley and Sebastian.

Check out this wife surprise her husband in a wedding gown. His reaction is priceless!

We wouldn't like to take away from Ashley's heartfelt surprise, but we would still like to tell you of another wife's surprise to her husband. After 5 years of infertility, she is finally pregnant! Congrats to them both as well!